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At our baptism we are given many gifts.  The gifts of Faith, Hope, and Love.  The gift of belonging to God and the Church.  The gift of our Vocation.  Each of us is called to love God and bear witness to His love for each of us.  How we do this varies from person to person.  We each have a small "v" vocation, in how we serve the Lord day in and day out.  We also have a captical "V" Vocation, in being called to a particular way of life.  Most are called to Holy Matrimony.  Some are called to Holy Orders.  Others are called in a particular way to Religious and Consecrated Life, which has various forms as well.  Some are called to support these vocations through Holy Single Life.  Discerning what our Vocation is can be challenging, but we don't have to do it alone.  This page offers various resources to help you in your discernment process.

Join the "31 Club."  As a parish we are comitted to praying for an increase in holy vocations.  Sign-up to pray one day each month. 

Sign-up to Host the "Traveling Chalice."  Bring home a Chalice to remind you to pray for Vocations for the entire week.  Father will give you the Chalice at the Mass you indicate you will attend, place the Sacred Vessel somewhere it will remind you to pray for Vocations, pray the included prayer card daily, and return it by 4:30 p.m. on Saturday at the end of the week.

Priesthood for the Diocese of Erie -- Information for Diocesan Priesthood with the Diocese of Erie

Vision Vocation Network -- Website with lots of information for discerning and connecting with a wide range of religious communities.

Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious -- Resource for Women Religous Communities

Renew the "I Do"-- This is a Pittsburgh Apostolate to support Holy Dating and Marriages.  The webiste has various resources, and Pittsburgh isn't too far away for anyone who would like to participate in any of their events. 

We are also praying for those who are form our parish who have responded to God's Call

Traveling Chalice -- More information to come.

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Vocations Stories: