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Coronavirus updates  (Updated February 10, 2021)

  1. PRAYER LIFE Remember, the Church remains open for Personal Prayer 24 Hours/day. We are continuing many if not all the “remote/virtual” activities (Livestreaming, 24 hours for the Lord, at Home, etc.)  If you are looking for information on LENT/EASTER; please visit the “latest news” section or the Floating Banner for our complete Schedule and how to attend in person/livestream.

For Weekend Masses:

  1. The Obligation to attend Sunday Masses is suspended indefinitely, meaning, if you do not feel comfortable coming, don’t come.
  2. We will be continuing the livestreaming of Every Mass on our Facebook and Website pages. (see more information under “Communication” below).
  3. The maximum number of participants is limited to 1/2 of building capacity allowing every other pew to be used. DO NOT move any tape, barriers, etc.  Households can sit together, and multiple households can sit in the same pew, providing the 6 feet social distance. 
  4. Access to the Church is through the Main Entrance only as the Gathering Space is Closed. You are welcome to enter the Church 30-20 minutes before Mass begins (to ensure that we have enough time to sanitize the pews).  Please do your best fill in from the Front to the Back.   The Church Pews will be wiped down after every Mass. 
  5. We have been asked to remove anything from the pews (hymnals, cushions, etc.).
  6. There is access to the Gathering Space Restroom.
  7. You must wear a face covering/mask while in the Church and keep proper social distance.
  8. For the Distribution of Holy Communion: please keep Mask on until you approach myself, Deacon Ron, or an Extraordinary Minister, receive Communion (preferably on your Hands, do not cup them to minimize us touching you), consume Communion to our left/right, and then replace your covering on your face. 
  9. The Entrance Procession, Gift Procession, Offertory Collection, exchange of the Sign of Peace, Distribution of the Precious Blood, Closing Procession, and placing of Holy Water in Fonts remains suspended.
  10. We are to keep our Masses very simple and please do not be offended if I do not shake your hand (we are not allowed to).  
  11. If you do not feel comfortable coming into the Church but are able to access the livestream in your car, you are welcome to stay in the Parking Lot. If you would like to receive Communion, please stay in your car, turn your lights on, and myself/Deacon Ron/or an Extraordinary Minister will come to you to give Holy Communion. 
  12. Regarding our Collection: Please see below details how you can give under “Finances”.  If you bring your envelope to Church, there will be a box at the Door to place your offering in as there will be no passing of the basket.
  13. If needed, we are ready to add an additional Mass on the weekend.

For Weekday Masses/ Personal Visits to the Church:  All of the above apply (as applicable) in addition to the request that you continue to sign in/out to ensure security and safety of each other and the Blessed Sacrament during Adoration. 

Outside of Mass, please note the other Spiritual Offerings that are either virtual (livestream, electronic, etc.) or in person (in the Church). 

        Adoration:  Please check our Website, Facebook, MyParishApp, and Twitter for the latest schedules.  Thursday Evening Adoration: Thursday Evening Adoration is available in-person and via Livestream from 8-9pm every Thursday except the 1st Thursday of the Month.  This Hour is filled with Music and Prayer.  Please Join Us. 

       Confession:  We have resumed our regular schedule of Confession on Saturday’s from 4pm-4:40pm. There will also be 1-2 additional opportunities offered weekly as well.  Again, check our Facebook, Twitter, ParishPay, Website for the latest schedule.  Also, if this schedule does not work for you, feel free to contact me to set up a time!    

      Baptisms, Funerals, and Weddings:  Those Sacraments are taking place with the Diocesan/Local/State/Federal guidelines in place.  Please contact the Office to set up a time for any of the above. 

     Home Visits:  These visits (First Friday Visits, Sunday Communion Calls, etc.) resumed pending the regulations of the house, nursing home, or living community. 

   First Friday Visits, to ensure the safety and health of all, we will be temporarily moving the normal First Friday Calls to the First Thursday of the Month.  This will allow me to use First Friday to go to the congregational facilities (e.g. nursing homes, independent living, etc.) without bringing any possible germs to our homebound parishioners. 

  Anointing of the Sick, for Parishioners who are in the Hospital, Nursing Home, or Homebound continue to take place anytime in emergency situations.  If you know of someone who needs the Anointing or Confession (in emergency circumstances) please call the Office as you normally would day or night. 

  24 Hours for the Lord, At Home:  Please join us every weekend for this endeavor.  All you are asked to do is sign up for an hour (there is a sign-up sheet in the Church, or on our website) that you commit to pray in some way during that hour.  You can fulfill this opportunity at home.    It could be watching the Mass, Rosary, Scripture, Music, etc..  The hope is from every Saturday at 6pm – Sunday 6pm we are praying.  The intention of this “24 hours” is for us, our families, our parish, our world, an end to this pandemic, as well as your own prayers.  Please consider joining us as an individual or family.  There is more information on our website, Facebook page, and bulletin.    

Prayer line/Livestream Prayers:  In addition to our prayer line that can be used at any time (please check our Bulletin and Website for more information), please feel free to take advantage of the many opportunities on our Social Media and Website pages for Prayer as well.  Again, please check them daily! 

Again, our Prayer Life is paramount for helping us.  There will be other opportunities offered so please check our Website, Facebook Page, Twitter, MyParishApp, and Bulletin DAILY for the latest information.   Also, please see the “Spiritual Resources” on our Website and after the end of this Letter for more ways to grow Spiritually.

Regarding the other important areas of our Parish: 

  1. FAITH FORMATION: Irene is in weekly communication with our Faith Formation Families.  Please see our Website for the latest information, or contact her with any questions. 
  2. OFFICE HOURS: Monday’s and Wednesday’s:  9a-4:30p; Tuesday’s 9am-7pm; Wednesday’s  and Friday’s:  9a-1p.
  3. FOOD PANTRY: We are thankful for the continued support that we all share in this mission of our Community.  Please, before you donate, kindly check the Bulletin, Website, Facebook, Twitter Pages for the UP-TO-DATE list of needed.  While we appreciate the support, please help us by only donating the specific items that are needed.  Also, if you know of anyone in need of food, please contact me or the Church Office as this information is kept confidential and we can give the help that is needed.
  4. ERRANDS: Please Contact Michelle Curtze at 476-7438 if you need any groceries picked up, errands ran, or anything else that we can do for you.  Again, she has her team ready to go, please let us help you!        
  5. FINANCES: Thank you for your continued support.  We know this is not an easy time for any of us.  Whatever you can give we greatly appreciate.  There are three ways you can donate:
    1. E.F.T. (Electronic Funds Transfer): We have changed our Online Giving platform from WeShare to REALM.  If you choose to support the parish through online giving, whether as a one-time or recurring donation, you can do so through your REALM account. (You can even designate a purpose (i.e. Weekly, Capital Improvement, Easter, Flowers, according to what collections we are taking at the time.)  Simply login, go to the “Giving Tab,” Click “+Give” and enter your information.  Don’t have a REALM account? No worries, contact the parish office if you would like to become a registered member.  Guest can also contribute by visiting our website and selecting “Ways to Give.”   
    2. MAIL: Please feel free to Mail your envelopes. 
    3. CHURCH DROP OFF: There is a box located in the Church marked “Weekly Donations” that you can drop your gift in, or you can drop it by the office during our hours we are open.
  6. FACILITY ACCESS/CLEANING/SECURITY: Please remember that as we continue to resume operations, our facility/property remains restricted to keep us all safe.  Even if you have a key, you are NOT PERMITTED to use the Key at any time, without permission.  Usage of the Parish Center is being permitted pending the guidelines, and availability.  If you would like to book the Parish Center, please call the office regarding possible availability.  You may be asking why there are so many restrictions?  This allows us to keep the Property Clean and Safe for ALL of us during this time; as we have taken every step possible to keep us clean, safe, secure, and most importantly OPEN

Regarding Cleaning

  1. The Church is cleaned multiple times per week.
  2. WE ARE IN NEED OF HELP WITH CLEANING! PLEASE CONTACT LEANNE LEMOCK  TO SIGN UP!  The Pews need to be wiped down between Masses, and our Regular Cleaning Crew would appreciate help! 

Regarding SecurityIn addition to what is mentioned above regarding Facility Restrictions, we do now have two cameras that help the Property to be secured. 

  1. While in the Church or Office, you must
    1. Access the Church through the Main Entrance of the Church only. (The Gathering Space is Closed as Offices are accessed through that Entrance only).
    2. Wear a face covering and social distance.
    3. MUST SIGN IN/OUT.  (This allows for contact tracing in the event of sickness).
    4. Wipe down your area before you leave.
    5. Please note that right now there is no access to a Public Restroom.
8.  COMMUNICATION/CONTACT: We hope that you have received a call from a fellow parishioner that has checked in on you on my behalf.  While I am doing my absolute best to keep us connected Spiritually through our various media accounts; Michelle Curtze and her team are helping us to stay connected through outreach.  Please let her or me know if you have not received a call.  Also, as another way of communication, we have begun emailing updates to you.  PLEASE LET THE OFFICE AND/OR MICHELLE KNOW WHAT YOUR EMAIL IS SO THAT WE HAVE IT IN THE DATABASEAs I said in November, we have now fully transitioned to REALM.  Please use the link emailed to you in November/December to register as this is also our primary means of Communication. (We do not give your personal information out to third party companies as it is only Michelle’s Team and our Office who have access to this information.)   Further, please stay up to date by regularly/daily checking our REALM ACCOUNT, Website (www.stfrancisxaviermckean.org), Facebook Page (St. Francis Xavier, McKean, Pa), Twitter (@SFXMckean), and MyParishApp for the LATEST   Further, I know that some of us may not have internet/computer.  Please look out for each other and communicate to those who do not have technology any urgent changes.  Please, if you do not have the internet, etc., let us know in the Office (or let Michelle Curtze know) so we can call you with any urgent information.  As you know, this has been an evolving situation.


Aside from the MANY and FREE items on the tables at the entrances of the Church, please feel free to visit the following electronic mediums (please “search” for them in your search bar of choice):

  1.  www.ewtn.com
  2. www.usccb.org
  3. www.formed.org
  4. www.Myparishapp.com
  5. “3 Minute Retreat” from Loyola Press
  6. www.magnificat.com
  7. www.franciscan.edu
  8. www.eriercd.org
  9. “Laudate” App


(To be said when you may not be able to attend Mass, or in our Case, when you are watching Mass, during Communion time, from www.ewtn.com)

My Jesus, 
I believe that You
are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. 
I love You above all things, 
and I desire to receive You into my soul. 
Since I cannot at this moment
receive You sacramentally, 
come at least spiritually into my heart. I embrace You as if You were already there and unite myself wholly to You. Never permit me to be separated from You.