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"31 Club"  As a reminder, here is the description of the Program:
For the "31 Club" you sign up, not for a week, but for a day. You would be responsible for that day each month. For instance, if you sign up for the first day of the month, each month you would pray for more Vocations. All you are asked to do is on your day of the month, to offer the Prayer (https://www.serraerie.org/daily-prayer) once during that day (more if you choose), and to offer other prayers/actions of your day for more Vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate, Religious Life, and for those in the Seminary. If you would like more information on how you can support Vocations in our diocese, please visit: https://www.erievocations.org/. For more information on the Serra Club, please visit: https://www.serraerie.org/

OPEN DATE: The 23rd of the month is still available. If you are interested please contact the Office at 814-476-7657 or at
office@stfrancisxaviermckean.org. You can also reach out to Father Jason for more information as well. This program is meant to pray for more vocations in our Parish, Diocese and World. For more information on the work of the Serra Club, please visit: https://www.serraerie.org/

Schedule this Week:
June 29 - Jim Lazan
June 30 - Fr. Jason
July 1 - Carol Kuchcinski
July 2 - Roseanne Otteni
July 3 - Julie Iavarone
July 4 - Kathy Orlando
July 5 - Genna Preston


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