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31 Club Schedule


"31 Club"  As a reminder, here is the description of the Program:
For the "31 Club" you sign up, not for a week, but for a day. You would be responsible for that day each month. For instance, if you sign up for the first day of the month, each month you would pray for more Vocations. All you are asked to do is on your day of the month, to offer the Prayer (https://www.serraerie.org/daily-prayer) once during that day (more if you choose), and to offer other prayers/actions of your day for more Vocations to the Priesthood, Diaconate, Religious Life, and for those in the Seminary. If you would like more information on how you can support Vocations in our diocese, please visit: https://www.erievocations.org/. For more information on the Serra Club, please visit: https://www.serraerie.org/

This program is meant to pray for more vocations in our Parish, Diocese and World. For more information on the work of the Serra Club, please visit: https://www.serraerie.org/

1st -   Carol Kuchcinski
2nd -   Rosanne Otteni
3rd -   Julie Iavarone
4th -   Kathy Orlando
5th -   Genna Preston
6th -   Hahlen Family
7th -   Sue Blecki
8th -   Kelley Damore
9th -   Linda & Joe Flatley
10th - Barb Davies
11th - Nancy Lacey
12th - Barb Lichtinger
13th - Bobbi Neuburger
14th - Marty Chernickhy
15th - John & Mary Jane Feigh
16th - Mike & Debbie Murnock
17th - Mary Villa
18th - Carolyn Corbett

19th - Cindy Gray
20th - Jared Lichtinger
21st -  Barb Gdanetz
22nd - Bobbi Neuburger
23rd - Irene Schneider
24th - Deacon Ron & Marsha
25th - Randy Gray
26th - Chandler Villanueva
27th - Tom & June Bujnoski
28th - Lee Ann Lazan
29th - Jim Lazan
30th - Fr. Jason
31st - Joe Preston



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