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We are very cognitive of the dire situation within our country at this time. We know that we may not be meeting for some time and that some of you may even be out of work. Please know that you are all in our prayers at this time and we are only a phone call away.

That being stated, we will be offering you the opportunity to still contribute to your parish through electronic funds transfer. Simply go to: https://stfrancisxaviermckean.weshareonline.org, click on Make a Donation, then select either Recurring Donation or One Time Donation. Choose the amount, and how you would like to pay for it, fill in the information, include your contact information and put a checkmark in the I agree box and submit your contribution.

Anything you are able to contribute at this time is greatly appreciated. Father Jason wants you to know also, that all major projects have been suspended as well. We will sit tight and hope for a speedy recovery.